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History Optional Books for upsc

History Optional UPSC Course

Crack the UPSC CSE Exam with Ease!

If you are preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination, then History Optional is an essential subject to learn. It is a high-scoring and interesting subject that can help you score well in your exams! With our History Optional course for UPSC CSE, we can help you sail through this subject with ease.

Don’t let History Optional become a roadblock between you and your dream of becoming a civil servant. Our comprehensive course is tailored to meet all of your requirements and covers everything from the basics to advanced concepts in easy-to-understand language. Gain in-depth knowledge about Indian history, world history, art & culture, and more that will help you crack the exam in one go.

Enroll now in our History Optional for UPSC CSE course and give wings to your dreams!

UPSC History Optional Courses

Commerce & Accountancy Optional

Classroom Foundation Course

Commerce & Accountancy Optional

Enriched Study Material

Commerce & Accountancy Optional

Mentorship cum Test Series

Commerce & Accountancy Optional

PYQ Discussion Class

UPSC History Optional Course Features

Classroom Foundation Course Features:

History Optional Foundation Course 2024 & 2025


  1. Total 6 Months of Course Duration:
  2. 100% Syllabus covered
  3. Ancient India + Medieval India + Modern India + World History
  4. Special Focus on Early Medieval India and Medieval India.
  5. Course is valid for 12 Months
  6. Weekly 4 classes
  7. 2.5 hours of Daily Classes
  8. Daily Answer Writing & Tests included
  9. All PYQs Discussion
  10. Well researched study Material.
  11. Special Focus on Map
  12. Explanation through Google Earth and Google Maps.
  13. Map Material
  14. Faculty 2 times UPSC Interview appeared

History Optional PYQ Classes (Last 10 Years)

Course Features:

• Total 40 Hours of Classes
• 20 Classes of each 2 hrs duration
• 5 Classes a week
• 4 Weeks Class duration
• Class start after Map Course ends
• Includes 4 Printed Books


7499/- (Offline)
5999/- Online)

History Optional Map Course

Course Features:

• Total 15 Classes
• Each Classes of 2 Hours Duration
• Includes 2 Printed Books


4,999/- (Offline)
3,999/- (Online)

HISTORY OPTIONAL Mentorship cum Answer Writing 2023-24 Course

History Optional Mentorship & Answer Writing for UPSC 2023-24


Program Features : 

  • Phase 1: Daily 2 questions Answer Writing
  • Phase 2: Sectional Tests
  • Phase 3: Full Length Mock Tests
  • Program Validity: Mains 2023 or Mains 2024 as per your need
  • Fresh Batch Starts on Coming Monday


  • Daily schedule with micro topics target
  • PYQs covered fully
  • Weekly Mentorship sessions
  • Personal Tracking sheet
  • Target 3 Months for each Paper
  • Exam-Oriented UPSC pattern Questions
  • Flexibility to write Answers as per your timings
  • Online plus Offline (Delhi and Kolkata)
  • Offline facilities include weekly mentorship sessions/sectional & Full length test writing
  • Daily answer writing will be only online


  • Questions would be from PYQs and new UPSC standard questions.
  • Model Answer Structure would be provided
  • Live/Video discussion on difficult questions.
  • Special Training on ANSWER WRITING TIPS (Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Value Additions) Would be provided.

About Your Coach

History Optional for UPSC by Soma Shekhar Sir

Soma Shekhar

  • A senior UPSC faculty for GS HISTORY, ART & CULTURE etc
  • Appeared 2 times in UPSC Interviews
  • 8+ Years of Coaching Experience

Somasekhar’s experience of mentoring UPSC students and appearance in UPSC interviews 2 times make him an ideal mentor to crack the EPFO/APFC exam.
His lucid yet comprehensive way of teaching is very much liked by students.

Currently, he is a senior faculty for UPSC EPFO, APFC & IAS exams.

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